Homemade Cake Mix Cookies

Chocolate Cake Mix CookiesCookies are one of the best comfort foods in the world especially when served hot and fresh from the oven. Unfortunately, we don’t always have enough time to make it from scratch. With our busy schedules and lengthy daily to-do lists, it is difficult to squeeze in time for baking. It’s inevitable to settle for store-bought and pre-packaged cookies that are not always good enough. Thankfully, there are cake mix cookies to rely on when we’re short of time or when the kids request their favorite treats with short notice.

The Secret to Delicious Cake Mix Cookies

I’ve tried a variety of cake mix cookies and I love how these homemade goodies are absolutely simple to make. It doesn’t matter much which brand of cake mix you’re using because you are the boss of your cookie recipe. The mix will give us most of the dry ingredients so we’ll only need to add a few more thus skipping on the time-consuming measuring of ingredients. Using a cake mix for our favorite cookie means less prep time and less mess. And who doesn’t want that? I know I do which is why I almost always use cake mixes when the craving strikes.

As I’ve said, the brand of the cake mix for your cookie is not very important. The key is to know which other ingredients to add in order to end up with a decadent homemade treat that you’ve always loved. You can add eggs, butter, milk and M&M chocolates. You can give the recipe a twist with different flavors. You don’t need to create everything from scratch to be creative with your baking. Let your taste buds decide what other special and secret ingredients should be included in your cake mix cookies.

Though chocolate cookies are my all-time favorite, I also try other flavors for my cake mix cookies once in a while. I am starting to like lemon-flavored ones and strawberry cookies aren’t that bad either. With a wide selection of cake mixes in the market, I’m excited to experiment and play around with new flavors and recipes.

Cookie Baking Made Easy with Cake Mixes

With premixed ingredients such as a store-bought cake mix, we don’t need to dread baking anymore. Our work has been simplified and made super-easy with shortcuts to the preparation process. And even better, other people won’t even guess that we didn’t whip up the cookies from scratch. Whether you’re baking for the kids or for a party, cake mix cookies are the best way to go if you’re tight on time. They’ll be just as yummy as the made-from-scratch ones. You can also be as creative with your cookie designs. Adding M&Ms is definitely a great idea as well as candy sprinkles and white chocolate chips.

Just remember that the trick with delicious and irresistible cake mix cookies is how well you blend the right ingredients. Though you cheated on preparation time, quality and taste need not suffer. You’ll still get the same crunchy, crumbly or chewy cookies by making sure that you added the correct proportion of additional ingredients. And to help you get started with your baking, I included a number of recipes here so be sure to check them out.